Sprachreise England Klasse 9

  • Montag, 16. September 2019
  • Jesper Engberg & Aaron-Leon von Querfurth

Zugehörige Gruppen

  • Englisch

Sprachreise England Klasse 9

England was great. After a ridiculously long ride, we finally arrived at Hastings. Although everybody was more or less exhausted we still managed to walk around and explore Hastings Old Town with the help of a question sheet. At the end of the day, we met at a coach park where we picked our luggage from the coach and met our host families. 
On the first day, after having waited for some late ones, we took the coach to Beachy Head, a headland located a good hour and a half from Hastings. We went for a walk and spent a good amount of time lying on the stones and even having a bath in the refreshing sea. In the afternoon we had three hours of school, completely in English. 
On day two we visited The Observatory Science Centre where we spent almost two hours, totally worth it! In the afternoon we had another three hours of school.
Wednesday was the day we had to wake up extra early. Many considered 6.30 as too early and continued their sleep on the two-hour coach ride to Canterbury. After a short walk, we arrived at Canterbury Cathedral. We split into small groups of three, again having to fill out a questionnaire. Subsequently, we were given some strolling time, which many spent at McDonald's or KFC, having lunch. 
On day four, on Thursday, we were fortunately allowed to stay in bed longer than the day before - yay. Nevertheless, there were people sleeping on the coach - maybe there was so little to do. Finally, at the Castle of Dover, we walked around in groups. We sat down on some benches and enjoyed our lunch. Not for too long, though! Very soon gulls started attacking us from above, both stealing our lunch and relieving onto us. Two of us got hit, the rest was quick enough to seek shelter. 
On the final day, we had to wake up super early again and meet at the original pickup point at 7 o’clock. We loaded the bus with our luggage and started the long drive to London. After two hours, we arrived at Greenwich Park. We took the ferry to Westminster Pier where we split up and met our guides. We walked all the way to Buckingham Palace and finished our walk near Leicester Square. We had some more leisure time and later took the ferry to O2 Park where we got on the Coaches and drove home. 
Completely exhausted after nearly eighteen hours we finally arrived back home.

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